Saturday, March 28, 2009



I'm not in Daqing but was discussing with my housemate here in Canada about how well the Chinese conserve energy. In the stairwells of the apartment complexes the lights are on sound detectors so that the lights are never on unless the loud foot steps of people trip the switch, no clothe driers, everything is hung up to dry, the subdivision lights go off at around 11pm or midnight when everyone is asleep. So much sharing of conservation tricks needs to be done.

One hour of darkness can shed so much light.


For my friends that don't believe that I come from a community where the Amish live here is a picture of my nephew and his grandfather (on his dad's side) infront of a wagon being pulled by horses and drive by a Amish guy.

I really do come from an Amish community Pat!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not Daqing

Just letting everyone know I am back in Canada and back to coaching. I thought some of my Chinese friends would like to see me in my home environment. Here I am with a group of kids that I coach. My first day back to work we went to a Tumbling Competition.

Hope everyone is well.

The weather has been about zero every day and we have had temperatures in the mid-teens a couple of times. No more long-johns.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Harbin Budda

Here is the one photo I took of the Buddhist temple in Harbin. It was closed unfortunately so instead we went into the Buddha shops nearby. I liked the sign on this one and the endless rooms packed with Buddha.

EF Staff Feb 28th

On February 28th, 2009 the EF Xin Cun school in Daqing had a staff that looked like this. The next day, March 1st, Gregg and I finished our contracts. Gregg is the beared-Britt. The staff is looking forward to receiving a new British teacher in the next couple of weeks. All the best to everyone there. I thought I would throw in a golden, prosperity frog for good luck to you all.

EF Xin Cun, Daqing at Night

Maisie High Flyer Starters

Daqing EF Play Way Archie & Maisie

Maisie here are two pictures of our little Play Way class. I hope Kyla is treating them well and that they are treating Kyla well. They have lots of energy and a dash of attitude.

Pictures for the school

I am adding a bunch of pictures for the school from my last couple classes. Some will not have any stories but are simply posted here for my friends in China to gather them for their own uses or for EF Daqing.

Pizza Making in Daqing

Here are some cute pictures of the little guys making Pizza at Friendship Pizza. The students got to experience making their own pizza and having an English lesson at the same time. I think there were more parents and adults than kids but we all had a good time.